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The Social Distance King sensitively introduces the topic of social distancing to kids. A great way to entertain children and also expose them to what social distancing might mean to them.

In the first book in the Friend Ships series, join Billy the boat and the other Friend Ships, as Billy learns that ‘ships are safe at shore but that’s not where ships belong.’

The Mighty Wind has taken its toll on many Friend Ships and as night arrives, all the ships are accounted for, but one…

‘#ImToo’ is a story about bullying, accepting, embracing and celebrating our differences. You’ll meet Minnie and friends, who just like you, think they might also be too.

‘Be You’ is a fun-loving picture book that illustrates some cool, fun things you might be when you grow up. There are many things that you might do, but in the end, you’ll still BE YOU!

‘Be You Too’ is the second in the Be You series. This book illustrates some other, new, cool, fun things you might be when you grow up.

A delightful story illustrating the whimsical dilemma of a catch 22. As two, two’s, each adventure to find another two, they encounter other numbers and ultimately learn the neverending secret to a catch 22.

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