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BE YOU THREE is the third picture book in a fun-loving series that illustrates some cool things you might be when you grow up. For example: You may be a doctor who might ask, is everybody wearing masks? Or a painter who paints peoples homes… and yes with help from painter gnomes.

There are many things that you might do,

but in the end, you’ll still BE YOU!

My best friends introduced me to Halo-Halo years ago. I’m so thankful for their friendship and to be treated like family by my Filipino brothers, sisters, aunties, and uncles. :-)Halo-Halo has so many special ingredients that I like to think of it as both eating a delicious dessert AND having a treasure hunt at the same time!But what exactly is it that makes Halo-Halo so delicious? Let’s find out…

A children’s yearbook for 2021! Read and rhyme with your child while celebrating the year 2021!

I’m so glad this year has come,
all fresh and new, 2021.

I am being super sincere,
When I wish you…happy new year!

Wanna hear something funny?
Last year….2020!

Hip hip hooray! We’ll cheer…
2021. What a year!

Dum Drum is a children’s sing-along book that teaches beat sining and drums in a fun way!It’s the fantastic story of a drum named Dum. Sing along or drum along if you like. Fun for children and parents!The spirit of Dum Drum is in everyone. Let’s keep the legend of Dum Drum alive!

Awesome – awesome possum book

adjective: awesome

Extremely good; excellent. (in the sense ‘filled with awe’). How cool is that?

Have you ever done or heard of something excellent? Awesome! Excellent things are awesome!

In this awesome possum book, Awesome Possum has so many things to share with you!

Read this book to meet Awesome Possum and learn about some truly awesome things!

awesome kids books
meet awesome possum
possum childrens books
kids illustration
awesome possum coloring book – coming soon!

He fights for Nachos everywhere. He’s a Nacho. And he’s a Ninja. He’s Nacho Ninja! Protector of the Nacho Way!
He fights for the chips. He fights for the cheese. He loves guacamole. And salsa fresca too. With Holly Jalapeño. And little Benny the Bean. And his friend Chip too. Can Nacho Ninja count on you?… To fight for the chips! To fight for the cheese! To fight the evil grubbers. And love Nachos too.

● kids ninja book grade 1
● kids ninja book grade 2
● kids ninja book grade 3
● He’s Nacho Ninja! Protector of the Nacho Way!

Kids ninja books / kids ninja books set for kids who like nachos. For kids who like ninjas.

What is Santa going to do this Covid-19 Christmas? Does he have to wear a mask? What about Mrs Claus and the elves? What about us? What will Christmas look like during the COVID-19 pandemic? Read this timely book with children to help them understand and practice social distancing during the Christmas holiday. This colorful story uses creativity and imagination to help keep friends and family safe. These reinforced concepts will continue to keep us all safe for years to come.

Teach your children about the importance of social distancing as they return to school!This timely new release helps to remove the fear of the pandemic and helps children adopt practical ways to help keep us all safe. Boing back to school can be a frightening and confusing time for children as they experience the pandemic’s ups and downs. Schools are re-opening, sports and activities are resuming and children are excited to return to the most important developmental years of their life. Learning to wash our hands, wear our masks and watch our distance is a vital to stop the spread. Teaching these Social Distancing concepts in a positive and easy to understand manner is one of the most valuable things we can do for our children and grandchildren.★ Help your little one learn how to become the King or Queen of Social Distancing!

A children’s book about HATE?

Well, what if hate could be a word, more pretty like a hummingbird?

That did not hurt or divide, or make me want to run and hide.

Like a frown turned upside down, I try and turn anger around.

How would you like to pledge with me to see hate, as well… just silly!

Together, let’s take the power away from the word hate!!!

The Social Distance King sensitively introduces the topic of social distancing to kids. A great way to entertain children and also expose them to what social distancing might mean to them.

In the first book in the Friend Ships series, join Billy the boat and the other Friend Ships, as Billy learns that ‘ships are safe at shore but that’s not where ships belong.’

The Mighty Wind has taken its toll on many Friend Ships and as night arrives, all the ships are accounted for, but one…

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