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Be You Three

BE YOU THREE is the third picture book in a fun-loving series that illustrates some cool things you might be when you grow up. For example: You may be a doctor who might ask, is everybody wearing masks? Or a painter who paints peoples homes… and yes with help from painter gnomes.

There are many things that you might do,

but in the end, you’ll still BE YOU!

Ages:3 - 8 yearsYear:2020Author:Eric DeSio

For a limited time, the E-book format of The Social Distance King is Free! Just click the “DOWNLOAD” button below, enter your email and we will send a link through email to the download. 

Thank you to all the people in our country and throughout the world that are selflessly working to care for the sick. This book was also written for the children, hard-working parents and adults working together through these trying times.

I hope this book can be helpful as together we heal and overcome.

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